Friday, March 20, 2009

Progress report

I've been busy lately! There are a number of different projects I'm currently working on, and I figured I might do a status round-up here. (I'm hoping this will help me focus a bit!)

Oh, Fransson! Quilt Along-- I've made some progress on this one. I've completed block sets A, B, and D, and have started work on set C (that mess above is what I've managed thus far on the C blocks). Hopefully, I'll be able to work on catching-up over the weekend.

Quilt Along block sets A, B, and D
Here you can see my A, B, and D block sets.

Grandma's Country Album II heart block
Grandma's Country Album-- It's been awhile since I've made any progress on this quilt. But I actually completed another block last night! I started it just before Valentine's Day (it just seemed appropriate). This isn't a great picture... it is a dark block, but the colors aren't that dark. I feel good about many of my points in this one (with much gratitute to the fabulous Carrie P. and her pointy-point tutorial!), but I really need to work on my circles. Circles are hard. I've been poking about, looking for techniques, and I'm thinking I need to try and get a set of the Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circles. It sounds like those are pretty handy. I only have three blocks left to complete for this quilt, and one of them has a lot of little berries.

Autumn House-- I just got block 3 in the mail. Woot! I'm hoping to start prepping it next week. But it might have to wait a bit.

No new pictures for these, but they're in process as well:

Simple Modern Baby Quilt-- (aka, the little sheep quilt) I need to baste the layers and attach the binding.

Jane Stickle-- Last night I started working on block H-12.

Playtime-- The next block in the queue is the toy elephant. I'm hoping to get started on that this weekend.

Guild stuff-- Before the next meeting (on April 3rd), I have a block exchange block to complete, three pillowcases to make (for Conkerr Cancer), and a block lotto block or two.

Another Baby Quilt-- I've chosen a pattern and fabrics for this, but am not going to start on it until I finish the little sheep quilt. (Repeat to self: must finish at least one project before starting another...)


  1. Lol, I know the feeling about completing one thing before starting another. I recently realized that your dear jane quilt is all in green. If you happen to need more green fabric, you are welcome to some of mine. Anyways hope you catch up on all your projects :)

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  3. Oh, you have been quite busy lately and all your projects looks fabulous;) I have too some difficulties with the sharp points... I visited at Carrie's tutorial pages and found it useful. THANK YOU FOR THE HINT!

  4. What?! Your supposed to finish something before you start another project? Seriously? *Laughing* My Mother asked me how many quilts I had started. I stopped counting after 15. And My 8 year old daughter has also been saying I was not allowed to start anything new.

  5. I am so glad I am not alone. My plan today is to figure out what I am going to put away and what I will work on.

    Your Grandmas Country Album is wonderful. I had never heard of those circles, I put them on my wish list. I sure could have used them last night.

  6. Well, you are making progress. Love your quilt along quilt so far. The colors are fabulous.
    Oh, and you know I love that applique block. I don't know what technique you use know for your circles but the perfect circle maker will definitely be a help.

  7. Lol! I'm also doing the Quilt-along, and my progress is the same. I've finished blocks A,B & D, and one of block C! I was sorely tempted to leave that one entirely, but my squares are still sitting waiting patiently. I have E & F on my sewing table ready to be finished. Love the bright colours you've chosen! I've gone with the Shabby fabrics. Looking forward to seeing how you go!
    Best wishes,

  8. Such bright, fun fabric for your Quilt Along and Grandma's Country Album block is beautiful! I find if I reduce the seam allowance, I get rounder circles.