Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shop hop adventure

Over the last three days, I hopped to 16 different quilt shops in the second annual Northwestern Washington Tri-County Quilt Shop Tour. Each shop on the tour had a different block pattern that they shared with customers on the tour. And each shop designed a quilt using the 16 different blocks. It is pretty amazing how different quilts using the same 16 blocks can look. Seeing all of those amazing designs was a big part of the shop hop fun for me.

In my little slideshow above (which hopefully works... I've not tried this before), you can see all of the awesome variations. It's really neat how the style of finished quilts reflected the personality of each shop. I think my favorite quilts were Fourth Corner Quilts (done in bright, happy Amy Butler prints), Calico Country (the patriotic theme was great and I love how they broke up one of the blocks and used it as cornerstones in the border), Folktales (the wool applique in the center was fantastic!), Keepsake Cottage (what's not to love about using red rick-rac in the sashing? Fabulous!), Fabric-Etc. (such a unique layout and the little quilter's village was so cute!), and the Quiltmaker's Shoppe (the scalloped borders and the quilting were amazing). Most of the shops offered patterns and/or kits so that you could re-create their quilt. (So if you see one you love, you should definitely call them and ask about it!)

Because I managed to visit all of the different shops, I actually have the patterns for all of the blocks. Yay! I'm planning on putting them to use this week as I make some blocks to enter into my guild's April block lotto.

shop hop loot
And of course, there was some shopping. The budget was tighter this year, so I had to watch my spending. But I did get some fabulous fabrics (mostly for use in my Jane Stickle and Playtime quilts), a couple of patterns (future Christmas gifts, if I can get my act in gear!), and some silk thread (because I keep hearing tell of it's awesome applique powers).

The boy and I traveled together on Thursday and Friday. He was a real trooper, but by the last shop on Friday, he was done. I mean, really, really done. I don't foresee any more shop hopping in our future... at least, not without a shop hop buddy who could help entertain and keep an eye on him. But overall, we had a great time. He was well-behaved (if a little energetic!) and happy. On Thursday, we even took a fun park break between stops.

swing boy
Today, the boy stayed at home with papa, and I headed out on my own. It was a nice change of pace just being able to take my time at each shop and really look. And, as always, it was so fun getting out and visiting so many quilt shops. Each shop is so unique and it never ceases to amaze and inspire me.


  1. Ooooh I'm so envious! I so wish I could have joined you on you shop hopping! I've been having a great time shopping online recently, but nothing compares to seeing those quilts and fabric's in person. My 'little angels' would have been the same! LOl!
    Best wishes,

  2. Such a cute pic of your son. At least he was good for as much as you did :)

  3. Whoa, that was a lot of shops. Great slide show. I was wondering if you took your son. He definitely deserved time to play at the swings. Sweet little thing.

  4. Poor little guy! I tried going to our local shop hop last year with all three kids ... we made it to 2 of the 5 stores before I had to give up. LOL. Looks like a nice park though! :)