Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: B-3

Dear Jane block B-3Block number/name: B-3“Mirror Image”

Date completed: March 25, 2008

Number of pieces: 8

Notes on block: I was feeling pretty intimidated by this one. I’ve machine pieced plenty of curved pieces, but hadn’t ever handpieced any. And, for whatever reason, the handpiecing on this one worried me.

There was also a false start on this one. Anina (very wisely) suggested that extra seam allowance be added to each of the outer edges of the block, to allow for wonkiness and so the block could be trimmed down to perfect size at the end. I did this, but then also added to the curvy pieces (oops!). This meant that the first corner I put together had a crescent that was ½” bigger than the other piece. Crazily, I got them to fit (though it was rather wonky). I was even thinking I’d keep it, and then promptly trimmed off the seam allowance on one side—rendering the corner unusable. Apparently a do-over was just meant to be.

After the initial snafu, the block went together without a hitch. And handpiecing curves? Not so scary anymore. :)

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