Monday, November 16, 2009

Jane Stickle Quilt: F-12

Jane Stickle block F-12Block number/name: F-12 “Starburst”

Date completed: November 15, 2009

Number of pieces: 16

Notes on block: This is one of my favorite greens! When I first started work on my Jane blocks, back in 2004, my mother-in-law bravely entered into a quilt shop for the very first time to buy some green fabric as a Christmas gift. She ended up with a fat quarter bundle and put it in my stocking. This green is from that bundle.

Construction was pretty straightforward until the last four pieces. I decided to do needleturn appliqué for the inset star areas. There was so much bulk from all of my seams that it was very difficult to turn under the white fabric. But, I suspect it was still easier than an inset seam, and I’m happy with the result.


  1. That is an excellent green fabric! Pretty block.

  2. Wow the block is lovely and I do love the green. A friend has started the DJ journey and It's interesting to see her blocks each week.

  3. I love this block! Yours came out so nice. Maybe I'll choose this one to work on next. I think I say that about each "new" one I see...

  4. I love the fabric you used with the star trek block :P