Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nursing cover

Back when I was breastfeeding the Boy, I learned about the Hooter Hider. It's a blanket-type thing that one can hang around one's neck for privacy while nursing. I thought it was the niftiest thing ever, particularly since I was very nervous and self-conscious while nursing in public. In fact, I generally didn't go out at all because I didn't want to be nursing in a public situation. When I saw the nursing cover-up, I thought to myself-- "I can make that!" And so I did. It wasn't a perfect design, but it really helped make me feel more comfortable about nursing.

After seeing the price tag of a Hooter Hider, a friend recently asked me if I could make a nursing cover for her. So I took my old design and refined it and came up with a new, and definitely improved, version.

nursing cover, outside
My friend chose the fabrics. Isn't the batik pretty?

nursing cover, lining
It is fully lined, and has a pocket on the inside (handy for a little wipe-up rag, or maybe a binkie).

She was thrilled with the finished product and excited to start using it (and she didn't waste any time... baby was being fed within five minutes of receipt!).

I'm really happy with how it came out too. So much so, that I definitely plan to make another one for me. Baby #2 is on its way!!!! I'm currently 16 weeks along, and everything is looking healthy and good. And hopefully, we'll be greeting a new baby sometime near the end of April.


  1. How exciting to be expecting again! I hope you are feeling well and that you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!

  2. Congrats!! I hope your pregnancy continues to go smoothly!

  3. Wow, what exciting news!!! Grats!!! Oh and the cover is very cool :)

  4. Congrats Robin!!! :) So excited for you and Keith!!!

  5. Excellent Hooter Hider and congratulations of baby #2!

  6. Congratulations on the new baby on its way. Also I love the "prairie pinwheels" you worked on while on retreat. beautiful.

  7. Congratulations Robin, thats such thrilling news. I hope everything continues to go well for you. I love the cover, great fabric and what a good ides for it to have a pocket.

  8. That's exciting news! Congratulations!