Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: B-4

Dear Jane block B-4Block number/name: B-4 "Chris’s Soccer Field”

Date completed: April 1, 2008

Number of pieces: 21

Notes on block: It’s far from perfect. But I feel good. This block was challenging to handpiece. Lots of pieces. I was careful to cut the center square on the straight of grain, and I’m thankful I did. But, all of the handling caused the outside edges of the stripes, which were on the bias, to stretch. The center portion finished at about 4 ¼” when it was supposed to be 4”. I pressed, starched, and squared the center before adding the sashing strips. By the time they were all added, the block had grown again, but thankfully, not too much, and I didn’t need to cut it down much to get to the 5” square. Even so, my block doesn’t look like Jane’s nor anyone else’s. My stripes are a little on the wide side, and the little corners are just barely there. But I’m okay with that.

The fabric on this one was also a departure. Still green, but with a much larger-scale pattern than I’ve used in any of the other blocks. It also includes a bigger variety of hues and shades. I also used an almost-solid green to help frame it in the inner stripes. I was torn between using the print and the solid in the outside edge, and cut out fabric for both. I went with the print mostly because I think it looks more interesting, and because I just plain like it.

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  1. Robin, This by far one of my favorite blocks I have seen so far. Either I didn't notice the wider strips or thought they fit perfectly. I am so glad you kept the outside in the print. The little splashes that look like fireworks are great. And the colors...those beautiful deep colors! I would put this in the win column If I was you. It really is smashing. Love Stacy