Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: RS-1

Dear Jane block RS-1Block number/name: RS-1 “Tennessee Valley”

Date completed: December 6, 2008

Number of pieces: 26

Notes on block: For whatever reason, this block took me a long time to finish. I started it the Monday before Thanksgiving, and just didn’t get around to completing it until last night. Most of my seams match up pretty well, so I’m rather pleased with it.

Today was pretty eventful. We went out this morning and purchased a Christmas tree and got it standing up in our family room. We plan to decorate it tomorrow evening. This is quite a feat given that we generally don’t put up a tree until the weekend before Christmas (last year the decorations didn’t even get put up until Christmas Eve!). Notable event number two: during naptime, The Boy managed to jump himself out of his crib. Fortunately, the only injury was a cut lip. But it was still super scary. Now he’s sleeping in a toddler bed. He made it pretty clear that he’s against the change, evidenced by a huge fuss at bedtime. But I checked later on and he had crawled into his bed and fallen asleep. He’s getting to be such a big boy!

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