Monday, December 8, 2008

Guild Night

Last Thursday was guild night. It was a special holiday meeting with a potluck dinner and some rousing games of Quilto! For the occasion, I finally managed to make myself a nametag:

my guild nametag
At the last meeting, the guild president threatened to institute a fine for members who don't wear nametags to the meeting. She was joking (I think), but it helped motivate me to make one for myself, albeit a simple one whipped together during naptime the day of the meeting. But I'm actually pretty pleased with it. And I have to say, it actually felt really good to wear it and have people talk to me using my name.

On the Quilto front (think "Bingo", but quilt-oriented), I didn't win the grand prize of tons of fat quarters (every member "bought" their game cards by paying a fat quarter, and all of those went on to become the ultimate prize). But I did manage to be a winner in one of the early rounds and got to pick a prize:

Quilto prize
How cute are they? These are little fat eighths from Benartex fabrics. I'm thinking I might use them to make a holiday gift basket, ala Pink Penguin (and the lovely one I received on Thanksgiving!).

Oh—and if you haven't already heard, Freda's Hive has a whole week of blog-o-versary fun and giveaways planned. Nanette and her daughters make wonderful things and it is always a joy to see what they're up to. You should definitely pay their blog a visit!


  1. Thanks Robin for posting about me. I've got you down.

    I love the idea of Quingo or whatever. So did your group make up special cards then? How fun. I think I should introduce this to my group. Everyone loves Bingo - I do!

    The fabric name tag- priceless.

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