Monday, April 29, 2013


This quilt is for my boot camp instructor's new addition. Baby was born last Thursday, and I immediately got to work finishing up his quilt. As the only piece remaining was the label and a run through the washer, it didn't take long.

Vroom - front view
Inspired by the Kellie Wulfsohn "Peak Hour" fat quarters I had in my stash, I created my own design. I really like how it came together and am thinking I might have to make another one using some different fabrics and see how it works out. I especially love the bright, happy colors in this one!

Vroom - quilting detail
I kept the quilting kind of simple-- straight lines, curly-cues, some big stippling, and outlining around each of the cars. It feels very modern and fun to me.

Vroom - back view

For the back, I used the leftover fabrics from the front (there wasn't much left!) and then added a couple more fat quarters and a happy aqua blue. Go, stash, go! I had accidentally cut a couple of strips of the orange fabric the wrong width for the front-- so I made put those to use by including them in the binding. It definitely helps liven up the outside edge. The finished quilt measures 39" x 51".

Vroom - label

The label was fun to make. I decided to try out some crayons to color in the cars. A couple of the colors didn't survive the wash (where did you go, red?), but it's all good.

Vroom - draped view

Hopefully, baby will enjoy lots of fun snuggle and play time with his new quilt!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Keeping busy

I've been having a lot of fun following my mojo! Now that I can breathe again (thank you antibiotics!!!), I'm actually doing some stuffs. I'm still working on the binding of the wedding quilt (finally in the home stretch on that), but I've also started working on a couple of UFOs.

quilting progress on my Eden baby quilt

Around Christmastime, I put together a cute little baby quilt top. Today, I started in on the quilting. It is small, so it should go pretty quickly.

I also have plans to quilt up my Fall Mystery Quilt top. I finally put together a back and got it basted the other night.

Fall Mystery Quilt basted and ready for quilting

I just realized that I never even showed the finished top. Now the mystery is revealed! Working on the new Spring Mystery Quilt is definitely motivating me to get this one finished.

Lastly, I've been shopping the stash and choosing fabrics to make a new bag.

gathering materials for a new project

Not sure when this will actually get made, but I'm happily planning away and gathering materials.

Go, mojo, go!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Break!

This year, Spring Break for the bears was April 15-19. Unfortunately, my husband and I spent most of the week being sick. Ugh. But, the boys and I did get out a little bit:

the boys and I looking goofy at the Tulip Festival

And this is one of the good pics! Ha! We had a fun time at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival one day this week.

field of tulips

Truly, the tulip fields are just spectacular!

Yesterday and today, I finally felt good enough to do a little bit of crafting. So I spent some time catching up on my Spring Mystery Quilt clues.

Spring Mystery, clues 1 and 2 complete

Here are Clues 1 and 2 completed. I ended up adding the bright green in when I realized that Clue 2 would have resulted in a big block o' white for me in my initial fabric selections. But this works out on another level as well, since I didn't actually have enough white to cut those center squares. So, I'm making it work. Woo!

I also managed to bind about 2/3 of one side of the wedding quilt. Not much, but it is at least a start! Hopefully, I'll start getting some energy back so I can stay up past 8 and actually sit and work on it soon.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Works(!) in progress

That's right-- works is plural! I actually focused myself and got busy on two projects this weekend.

quilts in progress-- wedding quilt and baby quilt

The first is the baby quilt I shared with you last week. It is now fully quilted and bound and is awaiting the label. I'm torn between just doing a generic label that will allow me to present the quilt now, or waiting until baby is born so I can do a personalized one... any thoughts?

The second work in progress is the wedding quilt I started quilting in January. I finally quilted the inner and outer borders and have attached the binding. Woo!!! I plan on finishing the binding with handstitching, so it not quite complete but shouldn't take too long. I am excited to have some simple handwork to do in the evening.

So, the plan for this week: work on that binding, get going on clue #1 in the Spring Mystery Quilt, and stay in hot pursuit of my crafty mojo! :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Mystery Quilt!

As she did last fall, Heather Spence is hosting another mystery quilt along to benefit a family that is working through the challenge of a child with cancer. The sign-up cost for the program is only $15, and all of the proceeds go to help that designated family. Every week Heather posts a "clue"-- the next piece of the instructions to create a quilt. What that quilt is going to look like in the end? That is the mystery!

Heather Spence Designs Mystery Quilt button

I really enjoyed the Fall Mystery (the facebook group especially was a lot of fun!), so I've gone ahead and signed up for the Spring edition. The first clue came today! I haven't started cutting, but I've gone through my stash and chosen my fabrics (yay for using the stash!):

my Spring Mystery Quilt fabric choices

The focus fabric is "Merryville" from Michael Miller's "Tot Town" collection. The orange accent is from Riley Blake's All Stars 2, and the background will just be a bright Kona white (mostly because that is the only fabric I have enough of in my stash; but I also think it will help the colors to really pop). The focus fabric is directional, so I'm not sure yet how it will work, but another mystery quilter has asked Heather about the suitability of directional fabrics, so I imagine I'll hear for sure soon. No worries, though. I have a back-up plan if needed.

Feeling adventurous? It is not too late. Sign up now!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Quilt is GO!

Baby quilts are a lot of fun. They are an excellent excuse to use super fun fabrics, happy colors, and they usually are quick and easy (if for no other reason than that they are small-ish). I try and create baby quilts with the idea that they are meant to be used and loved (i.e.-- dragged, chewed, and generally beat up) by baby. So I tend to pick designs that are pretty simple.

For this new baby quilt project, I knew I wanted to utilize some of the fat quarters I had from Kellie Wulfsohn's "Peak Hour" collection from Riley Blake Designs. But one of the designs really kind of had to be fussy cut, and I could only get so much from each fat quarter. I didn't think I'd have any luck finding a pattern that would work, so I looked about the interwebs for inspiration and found a happy quilt by Quokka Quilts. With that in mind, I worked out my design:

design for Vroom quilt

Simple and fun! So simple that it was a breeze to cut out and sew together. And now I'm even into the quilting...

quilting in progress for Vroom quilt

Woo! I'm feeling the mojo-- and it feels GOOD!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Another birthday...

...another pillow! This time, it is for one of Little Bear's preschool friends who just turned 3:

Charlie's pillow, front view

The pillow is yet another iteration of the awesome Personalized Name Pillows pattern from Kimberbell Designs. I have made this pillow many times, and it is always very well received. On this one I tried something a little different and made the outside border slightly wider. I really like how it frames the center and shows off the prints a little better.

Charlie's pillow, top view, including manicure

On the back is a super-soft Moda cuddle fabric (brown is one of Charlie's favorite colors... can you guess the others?). And look-- you can also check out my mani! I seem to spend a lot more time on my nails lately than on sewing. (Lately I've been thinking I'd be posting more if I had a nail blog rather than a crafty one!) But a finished project is typically a good motivator for me, so hopefully I'll find myself doing more stitching. If nothing else, another friend is having a baby-- so a baby quilt is on the agenda. Woo!

There has been a lot of talk lately about the demise of Google Reader. As it was my blog reader of choice, I am sorry to see it go. I recently switched over to feedly, and while it is definitely not the same as Reader, it isn't too bad. (High praise, right?) Ugh. Change is hard. LOL!

It seems that a lot of peeps are putting their stock into Bloglovin'. If you are one of those, you can also Follow my blog with Bloglovin.