Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making lists...

Not a lot of crafting has been going on the last few days (eep! need to get quilting!). So in lieu of actual crafty productivity, I have resorted to list-making.

Main Project List:
  1. Kevin & Colby's Wedding Quilt -- need to finish quilting this!
  2. Fuchsia and Grey Baby Quilt -- it's not looking too hopeful for completion by the shower, but once I get to a stopping point with the wedding quilt, this is the priority. My friend is due at the end of February. I can definitely get it done by then.
  3. Placemats -- we need new ones. I've chosen the fabrics and the pattern, so hopefully they'll go together quickly once I get started.
  4. Baby Quilt -- this one is for my trainer's baby boy due in April... don't have a plan yet, but I have some great fabrics in my stash that I think will be perfect.
  5. Mystery Quilt -- the top is done and it is waiting to be quilted. I'd like to donate this one to one of my quilt guild's charities.

  6. completed quilt top featuring Eden by Lila Tueller

  7. Eden Baby Quilt -- during the holiday break, I pieced a quick and easy top thinking I'd give it to my friend due in February... but then I heard she was planning on the fuchsia and grey nursery so I went ahead started moving in that new direction. But I have this top (pictured above) and I'd like to finish it up.
  8. Tweed Skirt -- a sewing project for me! I have some gorgeous Tweed-look RPL that I want to make into a skirt.
  9. Aprons for the boys -- both of my boys could really use some new aprons. They love to help me in the kitchen, but neatness is generally not a priority for them-- so an apron helps a lot! I have the fabric and the patterns, I just need to do it.
  10. Daytripper Bag -- I recently picked up this pattern from Dog Under My Desk and I really, really want one for me! I think I've got the perfect fabric for it too.

And then there is the Ongoing Project List:

And, of course, I have a pile of other projects I'd like to get to as well, including UFOs, new quilts, and sewing. But I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself. With all of the busy in my life right now, at the forefront of my mind is the idea of prioritization. Now that I have a list to work from, hopefully I'll be able to make some time so I can start crossing stuff off!

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  1. I like that yellow and purple quilt. Reminds me of Easter.
    Looks like you will be busy sewing some great things.