Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jane Stickle Quilt: A-12

Jane Stickle block A-12Block number/name: A-12 “Framed Fancy”

Date completed: April 24, 2009

Number of pieces: 41

Notes on block: This block went together fine until I got to the outside “triangles” (they actually had 4 sides… so I guess, technically, they were 4-sided polygons?). Then I had problems. First, I sewed the triangles on flush with each side before realizing they were supposed to overlap. So my block ended up way too big… like 5 ½”. So I ripped all of them off. Of course, the inner pieces had stretched some with that. This meant I had to kind of squoosh them to fit along the new seam. Adding to the frustration was that I didn’t know how far, exactly, the outside piece was supposed to extend beyond the block. I guessed 3/8” and then sewed all my triangles and their inset seams. It wasn’t right. It seemed to be off by about 1/8”. But, at that point, it was close enough. Yay, for my friend, the steam iron!!!


  1. Well, you can't even tell. I like the green fabric :)

  2. I think it looks great.

    I am officially 3 blocks behind and they are all hard ones. ACK!

  3. I think by the time you get done making all these blocks you will be able to sew anything.

  4. Your block looks great.

    Thank you for pointing out the need for fabric requirements, I posted them this morning.

  5. I work hard to catch up with the blocks, have just finished the hard ones on row A. I want Anaina to go for C7 soon, so that I can finish 3 rows and start sewing the blocks together. I love reading your posts about the blocks!