Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: B-10

Dear Baby Jane block B-10Block number/name: B-10 “Jud’s Trophy”

Date completed: May 10, 2008

Number of pieces: 29

Notes on block: It took me about 3 hours to piece this one. I worked on it at the end of a really nice afternoon with Keith’s family. First we spent some time looking at recent pictures of the boy and he said his first word!!! A picture of the cats was on the screen and he pointed at it and said, “Itty!” And then he did it again at the next picture of the cats. Pretty darn close to “kitty.” We’ll take it!

We all went out to dinner, ordered off the kid’s menu for the boy for the very first time, and had a great time together. We got home and put the boy to bed, sent off the family, and then I got to work while Keith and some of his buddies gamed it up in the other room with their PSPs and Monster Hunter Freedom 2. It was actually kind of fun listening to them as they played together. That game seems pretty wacky.


  1. Your block looks nice, I like the illusion of texture the green fabric brings to it.

  2. What? 3 hours? whaaat? I was going to go home from work tonight and do it. I didn't need to hear it will take that long. wahhhhh

  3. Ok now I get why it took you 3 hours. It probably took me 2 and I used my machine. Ugh and I messed up the colors. But I'm not (definately not) unpicking. Its ok. Its now a memory and I'll always think that it is not exactly right but I did learn as I made it. I always have to check your blocks. You are very good.