Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: D-3

Dear Baby Jane block D-3Block number/name: D-3 “Jason’s Jacks”

Date completed: March 21, 2008

Number of pieces: 2

Notes on block: I started this block and then found myself just staring at the thread I was using. I kept thinking that the thread was too dark. I ended up picking out about 2" of stitching and went and found new thread in a lighter color. I really dislike double work. On the bright side though, I feel as if my appliqué skills are continuing to improve. Still haven’t mastered the art of the point, but I think they look a little more on the pointy side this time around. I’m finding myself really beginning to enjoy hand appliqué. So much so that this last week I was eagerly anticipating what the next appliqué block would be. For a girl who has felt so machine-oriented for so long, this has caught me rather by surprise.

I worked on this block as I was “watching” a movie: Elizabeth: The Golden Age. This may have been a mistake, since I suspect the best aspect of the movie were the costumes, and I would only really look up every so often. Oh well.

1 comment:

  1. Robin, I am laughing to myself because I did the first applique block while watching the same movie. Afterwards I was thinking I may need to watch it again. I liked it though.
    Your block looks really nice. Those points are tricky. Mine aren't perfect but much better than the first time. Soon we'll be pros! Have a great Easter. Love Stacy