Monday, March 31, 2008

Pointy Kitty Goodness

So cute!!!! That's what I thought when I saw the free pattern from Wee Wonderfuls for Pointy Kitty. I knew that someday, I would need to make one.

Initially, I had thought to give this as a gift to one of our baby friends turning one. But as I stitched and saw how it was coming together, I realized that it really isn't a good baby toy. Indeed, it is a much better adult toy! And I have just the right person in mind who just so happens to have a birthday in a couple of weeks. Yay!

Pink Pointy Kitty
The tutorial was pretty tricky for me, as I have little experience with plush. The pattern is simple enough, just four pieces, but the directions were pretty brief. I was doing fine until I got to the point where one is supposed to begin handstitching seams shut. Then I started to get confused about which seams (all? just part of some?)—it was not at all intuitive for me. I ended up stitching everything closed, thus resulting in a kitty body and a faceless kitty head. I think this was right, but I'm still not entirely sure. Then I had to figure out how to blindstitch the head onto the body. I'd never blindstitched anything that wasn't flat. The head and body were definitely dimensional. Suffice to say, my stitching wasn't the prettiest on the neck.

The next challenge was the face. I started with the nose and attempted a blanket stitch as was suggested in the instructions. This just didn't work—a combination of the thread being too thick, my stitching being quite horrible, and my being clueless as to how to go about doing it when all I could access was the right side of the fabric. So I decided to glue it. Out came the Unique Stitch and I glued the eyes and nose. Then I felt really lame. So I got out some regular thread and did a running stitch around the nose. Yay! It worked! So much better!!! I then sewed the buttons on the eyes (again, tricky since I could only access the right side). By the time I got to the stripes on the head, I was feeling much more confident about my stitching. I decided against stripes on the back (just thought they would overwhelm the delicate pink kitty). Finally, I attempted a little face-- but it just looked icky, so I took it out and decided Pink Pointy Kitty could be the inscrutable one.

Inscrutable Pink Pointy Kitty
With this first attempt under my belt, I have a much better understanding of the pattern and know I can do better. I foresee more Pointy Kitties in my future. So cute!

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  1. So very Cute! The pink flower fabric is really pretty.