Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: K-13

Dear Jane block K-13Block number/name: K-13 “Brandon’s Star”

Date completed: December 20, 2008

Number of pieces: 25

Notes on block: My seams were a little narrow on this one, so it’s a little bigger than 5”. Other than that, all worked out pretty well on this one. I started it last night, and then finished this afternoon as the boy and his papa played together. Lots of smiles and fun.

Snow is in the air around here lately. I can definitely appreciate the beauty of it and love to look at it, but really, I’m kind of a snow-hater. It’s cold, wet, and horrible to drive in, thus trapping me in my house. Bah-humbug! We did get out today to the mall in hopes of getting a Santa picture with the boy. After 40 minutes in our car getting there, we stood in the massive line for about 3 minutes before deciding waiting for hours with a hungry, sleepy toddler was just not worth it. We didn’t even do any shopping. We left the insanity. Our hope is that the weather and roads will be clear enough on Monday or Tuesday so that we can make a trip first thing in the morning, and maybe beat some of the Santa picture crowds. I must have a Santa picture!!! (Note to self: next year, do it around Thanksgiving instead of the week of Christmas.)

Some brighter news: I’m now caught up on my Dear Jane blocks! Yay! In celebration, here is a progress update:

Dear Jane progress 12-20-2008

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