Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jane Stickle Quilt: TR-10

Jane Stickle block TR-10Block number/name: TR-10 “Precious Gems”

Date completed: March 12, 2010

Number of pieces: 32

Notes on block: Of the 182 blocks that I have completed, this is the first one on which I’ve actually bled. And on a white section, no less. Ugh! As soon as I noticed, I tried to mitigate by rubbing in some saliva. That actually worked pretty well. But, there’s still a faint stain.

So now it is official: blood, sweat, and tears have all been a part of the making of this quilt. Here’s hoping I don’t do any more bleeding.


  1. These last 2 triangles are great! What's a quilt without a little blood to prove how hard we worked on it.

  2. Well, I am sure I will bleed onto one of mine soon as well :P

  3. Both triangles are beautiful. Not so good about the blood!

  4. Oh no! no more blood please on those pretty blocks.