Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tri County Shop Hop 2010

This weekend was the third annual Tri County Quilt Shop Festival. Quilt shops in three counties join forces to host a fun shop hop. Each shop creates a block for the event and then makes a special quilt using blocks from all of the other shops. This year's theme was "Smooth Sailing" and it was a ton of fun going from shop to shop and seeing all of the fabulous quilt designs.

Here's a little peek at all of the various shop quilts:

I think my favorites are the quilts from Fabrics, Etc. (how cool is that porthole???), Folktales (using the Sandy Gervais line "Frolic"), and Tangled Threads (so bright and happy!). But I love how unique each of the quilts is and how differently they used the same blocks.

Since I really wasn't sure I was going to be able to manage any of the hop this year, it was super exciting for me to make it to all of the participating shops! It took three days to complete. On Thursday, the boy and I visited 3 shops together. Then on Friday, I managed to visit 2 shops while the boy was in preschool, and then together we trekked to another 3. Finally on Saturday, I got up early and drove myself to Lynden and Bellingham (the shops farthest from home) to visit the last 7 shops on the tour (some happy alone time for mama!).

I didn't take many pictures other than of the various quilts, but I did get a cute one of the boy. Granny's House in Stanwood, WA, offers classes on creating custom umbrellas, and my boy was having a lot of fun checking out the sample:

boy and umbrella
And how cute is that umbrella? If the shop weren't so far away, I'd probably sign up for the class!

And, of course, the loot...

Tri County shop hop 2010 loot
I tried hard to not go too crazy. I ended up with a few patterns, including Amy Butler's Birdie Sling (which I have been eyeing for some time), some stitcheries (so cute!), and a festive little bunny quilt kit. I picked up the Antique Quilts magazine (because I've been reading so many great things about it). And then I picked up just a few fabrics, including some to use for the Amy Butler pattern, backing fabric for my Paintbox Quilt Along quilt, a couple of prints I just had to have, a charm pack, and some green fat quarters (sigh... I just couldn't resist! What am I going to do once my Stickle quilt is complete and I don't have an excuse to buy green fabric anymore???). The only things not pictured are some stickers I picked up for the boy, as well as a big blue button he picked out for himself.

Another fabulous shop hop adventure!


  1. How fun! The expression on your son's face is adorable.

    Your slideshow of the quilts was really fun. It is great to see how many different ways people can use the same theme. I heard that Atlanta has a shop hop, but we were out of town when they had it this year. Maybe I can go next year!

  2. Great loot!!

    We had a mini-hop in my area this weekend but I was having work done in my home and couldn't go. :( It is good to live vicariously through you on your hop. LOL

  3. That sounds like such a fun end to a week. With the possible loot after visiting 17 shops, I think you showed great restraint. I love the blue fabric with the stars, that looks like a tiny rail fence. Maybe after DJ you will have to pick another big sampler to do with all the great green fabrics.

  4. Wow, you have a lot of energy for someone in your "state".
    I think it's a sign...

  5. A very sweet picture of your son. The embroidery patterns will be something great to work on once the baby comes.

  6. That is such a cute picture of your son! He is getting so big since the last picture you posted of him :) I am glad you got to visit all the shops before the little one comes.

  7. Great loot and the boy is so cute!

  8. You are SO going to be fine managing two kiddos! I don't know how you found the energy to participate this close to the baby coming, but I am in awe. So glad you were able to have a little "you" time and get some great new projects to work on when you're confined to the house for a few months :-)