Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jane Stickle Quilt: M-7

Jane Stickle, block M-7Block number/name: M-7 “Junko’s Rose Garden”

Date completed: January 15, 2010

Number of pieces: 10

Notes on block: About halfway through this block (after stitching four lopsided-not-quite-fitting-together center melons), I was about ready to chuck it. Grrrr! Then I looked at Jane’s original and saw that it wasn’t perfect either, and that just made me feel better. And now that it’s complete, I’m so happy I stuck with it because it looks so much better than I ever thought it would.

I used freezer paper underneath for the melons and reverse appliqué for the flower. The freezer paper method worked really well for these because it made placement much easier than it would have been with needleturn. But I definitely still need practice with this technique.


  1. I'm glad you didn't chuck it. It's beautiful Robin!

  2. Before I read what you said I was thinking how perfect everything was lined up. You are silly it is perfect.

  3. Wow! This one looks incredible. Way to stick with it.

  4. What a beautiful block! I love that green print that you chose.

  5. Your block is beautiful. Nice job!

  6. This looks fantastic!