Friday, January 1, 2010

2010! Holy cow!

Happy New Year!!!

The arrival of the new year tends to be a time of reflection for me. What did I manage to accomplish in the last year? What do I want to accomplish in the new year?

Last year, I made 4 crafty resolutions:
  1. Stashbust—use at least 100 yards of fabric from stash.-- Sigh... I tried, and I feel like I did use a lot of stash, but I wasn't even close to making it.
    Fabric Stats 2009
    Fabric In: 133.960
    Fabric Out: 65.093

    Ouch. The stats don't lie. But, I did manage to finish (what is for me) a whole bunch of quilts, and I do feel really good about that!

  2. Complete 3 UFOs.-- Nope. Not this one either. Though, I did pick up the biggest offender and made a significant dent in it (and I'm determined to finish it in the next couple of months!).

  3. Make and donate some quilts for charity.-- well, I managed to finish one, and have another basted for Project Linus (oh, my... I just realized that it has been basted since October. Ummm... gonna get to that SOON!). I completed one quilt for Camp Korey. I also made some pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer. Considering all of the quilts I completed for others, I feel pretty good at what I managed to get done. I definitely hope to do more in this new year.

  4. Keep up with my blocks of the month projects-- I struggled some, but I did keep up with my Jane Stickle blocks, and I also did pretty well with my Autumn House BOM (only have the appliqued borders left to do!). Unfortunately, my work on Playtime fell by the wayside. I look forward to picking it up and making forward progress again soon. I also signed up for a new BOM, Greenpiece, and I'm happy to say that I'm caught up with that one. Overall, I fell pretty good about this crafty resolution.

And now, some new goals for this year:

  1. Use more fabric than I buy.-- I'm serious this year. I'm going to do it! Nevermind that I bought 18 yards of fabric today alone. (Gratuitous photo of pretty fabric below.)

    new fabric fun!
    Santa brought me a gift certificate, and it was a once a year sale... I couldn't help myself! But as of this moment-- I'm going to start using it.

  2. Make and donate some quilts for charity.-- Last year ended up being the "Year of the baby quilt," which meant I was sewing for all of my friends, leaving me little time to do much else. This year, I really think I'll be able to do more.

  3. Finish some UFOS.-- "Some" means "at least one." Surely, I can do that, right? If nothing else, I have a coupon I have to fulfill-- so I know that one will get done!

  4. Take better care of me.-- I've not been great about this lately. I really need to start exercising, get more sleep, and focus on healthier eating. I'm going to start by trying out the pregnancy workout DVDs my friend sent me (thank you, Mikki!). And no more fast food lunches! I can do this. I can.

I think these goals are realistic. And I think they're positive. I feel good.


  1. You can do it!
    I decided that one resolution was enough for this year.

  2. Those seem like great New Year's resolutions and manageable goals, which is important!

  3. Wow, I have been following your blog for a year now! I remember when you posted last years resolutions. I can't wait to see how you do for this year :)

  4. Just finished catching up your blog posts.
    Yes, be good to yourself and the new baby. Great idea for the baby quilt.
    Great blocks you have been working on too.