Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hanging pretty

Over the weekend my husband and I managed to get the newly made curtains hung!

curtains open
Woo hoo! They even ended up the same length! (Feeling proud right now!)

I used nearly 6 yards of the printed fabric to make these (the fabric is from Amy Schimler's Creatures and Critters collection by Robert Kaufman). The formulas I used were pretty darn accurate! I was actually a little nervous that I wouldn't have enough fabric it was so close. All I have left is a tiny pile of scraps.

a view of the hem
Here's a view of the lining. The curtains are lined with blackout material. That stuff is heavy! On the outside I did my first ever machine-stitched blind hem. It worked really, really well-- so much so that I couldn't get a good picture.

curtains closed
I think I've determined that making curtains is definitely not my cup of tea. There was a lot of stress involved-- all the necessary precise measuring and marking on a large scale, matching patterns (which I failed to do well-- but at least the pattern is small enough in scale that it's not too obvious), and then just the challenges of workspace (involving many trips up and down the stairs between my machine and the table big enough to deal with it all). Despite the challenges and the stress, I am really thrilled with how these turned out. Most importantly though, my son likes them too!


  1. They look great! Now, can you can come over and do mine? ;-)

  2. Great! I hate making curtains too. I have had mini-blinds only in my living room and dinning room since we moved in 9 years ago. I keep telling myself I should just make some. Then sanity kicks in.

  3. Very nice!
    I love blackout lining. We had them in our previous house because we had a street light right in front of our bedroom window.

  4. They look great and it's no small feat to match the length. I've made several sets of curtains for our home and ALWAYS have to fix the not-matching lengths. Nice job!

  5. Oh, those are some fun curtains. I have made a few valances but not my cup of tea either.

  6. love the print! there was a super cheap decorator fabric store in vegas where I would get my fabric ... so I never tried to do all the work you did, but it looks fantastic! :)

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