Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something different

I'm attempting something new this week:

curtain prep

They are going to be for my son's new "Big Boy" room. We got it painted a couple of weeks ago, have ordered furniture (which has just started arriving!), and now I'm making a couple of curtain panels. I wouldn't normally attempt such a thing, but we wanted blackout window coverings and making them seemed the most economical option.

So, I got a book from the library (Sunset Curtains, Draperies, and Shades), did lots of measuring and math (ugh!), bought fabric and blackout lining, bought fabric again (because I failed to calculate for 44"/45" wide as opposed to 54"... oops!)(thank goodness they still had some of the print left!), and finally started cutting and sewing a couple of days ago.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get them done today. And then I'll need to find a curtain rod so we can hang them up (and so I can show you how they turned out!).


  1. That's great! I think curtains were one of the first things I started making for myself when I was in college. They're so much cheaper and easier!

  2. No, SERIOUSLY, how do you have time to do all that you do????? Sigh . . . I'm anxious to hear how they turn out since I need to make some for Coop's room (maybe he can stop sleeping with a blanket on his face! :-)

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