Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jane Stickle Quilt: TR-8

Jane Stickle block TR-8Block number/name: TR-8 "Brigadoon"

Date completed: March 13, 2009

Number of pieces: 8

Notes on block: When I saw this on the That Quilt blog, I was a little worried. Anina completed her block using primarily reverse applique-- and doing that with all those narrow areas between the pieces kind of scared me since I'm not so good at dealing with bulky areas. Despite assurances that it wasn't hard, I decided to try and find an alternative approach.

First I spent a little time attempting to draft a pieced version of the block, but I quickly lost patience. So I settled on this approach: reverse applique for the center diamonds, then regular applique for the two side ones and the rounded section at the bottom. I also pieced the very tippy-top section. Overall, I think it worked out pretty well. Yay!


  1. I am so glad I am not the only one thinking of doing it differently. I might be doing it all in normal applique because my background fabric shows through my foreground fabric. Any tips on keeping the points pointy? This will be my first time with applique so a bit scared lol.

  2. Girl, you are so smart. What a great way to make that block. Love that green fabric too.

  3. Looks wonderful! When I saw it on Anina's blog I was having second thoughts about doing the triangle border at all, but decided that if I did, I would probably go ahead and make them regular applique instead. We'll see. I won't be making this one for a while anyway!

  4. It looks great;) I think I'm going to do mine as you did yours...