Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: A-3 & C-2

Dear Jane block A-3Block number/name: A-3 “Hunter’s Moon”

Date completed: July 18, 2008

Number of pieces: 9

Notes on block: Ah, appliqué. So soothing! Particularly after working on the piecing extravaganza that was A-1 and A-2. This block is very similar to B-7, “World Series.” In this case though, the background is pieced in four sections and there are no diamonds in the corners. I saw one in the flickr group that used two different fabrics. I love how doing that really differentiates the block from B-7, not to mention that the fabric she used really showcased the seams. After seeing that, I did look for a second fabric, but nothing really called out to me. So, one green it is. I’m definitely getting stronger at appliqué, and I’m very pleased with how the block turned out. I’m just not thrilled with its impact (or rather, lack thereof). I’m definitely going to need to start looking for more opportunities to utilize two fabrics—they can really give a block a whole new personality.

Dear Jane block C-2Block number/name: C-2 “Streak of Lightning”

Date completed: July 19, 2008

Number of pieces: 15

Notes on block: I did a combination of piecing and appliqué here. The center diamond motif (with the 9 diamonds) is pieced. Following Anina's suggestion, the pieced background was reverse appliquéd onto the diamond (it seemed like less work than piecing across all those seams and I was in an appliqué kind of mood). Then the two outer diamonds were appliquéd using the freezer paper technique that Anina showed a few blocks back. Still not thrilled with my points there… one of them is awesome, but the other three are so-so. I need to investigate the glue basting method, see if that helps.

This green is from Lakehouse fabrics… such a pretty mossy color with nifty metallic green highlights. Kind of lightning-like, so I thought it fit the block nicely.

And now I’m caught up again! Huzzah! And I've got enough blocks to do a little 9-patch! Now what to do about that sashing...


  1. awesome job on the blocks and on getting caught up! :)

  2. arghhhhh I may come to your house and steal those. I'm NOT caught up and see that it will be August before I am. Sometimes I am so envious of you! Not in a mean way though, really.