Monday, July 7, 2008

Start-ups and progress

For whatever reason, this last weekend I've been on a starting projects rampage. It's not like I've run out of stuff to work on, or even finished anything lately, but I'm feeling this need to start on new things. Sigh... I'm hopeless, I know.

On Friday evening, I started cutting fabric for a new quilt project. It's going to be a largish queen size. I've only managed to cut about 1/4 of the fabric thus far.

Prairie Pinwheels dark pieces
Hopefully, I'll get the rest cut in the next week or two. The pattern is "Prairie Pinwheels" from the August 2008 issue of McCall's Quilting magazine. I'm anxious to start stitching on this one!

Last night, I went on a cutting frenzy and cut out five patterns—all clothing for me! Included are three tops, a pair of pajama pants, and a pajama top.

evidence of my pattern cutting frenzy

But it hasn't been completely about the new projects. I managed to complete a Dear Jane block. I also stitched up a few more flowers for my Grandmother's Flower Garden. I'm up to 112 now! (Only 14 more to go!) I've actually started in on pressing my completed flowers as well. I've pressed more than half at this point. (Yay!)

pressed and unpressed hexes
The pile on the left is unpressed, the pile on the right is pressed. The pressed pile actually has more blocks in it. Doing all this pressing is making me appreciate why most people seem to do these quilts by English paper piecing. I suspect they are not only much more accurate, but probably much easier to deal with!

Completely unrelated to my ever-growing list of projects— today I had the pleasure of meeting and having coffee with the fabulous Anina! She's like a quilt celebrity to me at this point. I just love her blog, and so appreciate her guidance and efforts on Dear Baby Jane. She's an amazing quilter and it was much fun meeting her and talking for a bit. She was also so patient with my rampaging toddler—she laughed even as he threw her keys in the fountain. (Fortunately, they were waterproof and easily retrieved!)

Hopefully later today I'll have my Dear Jane block update ready. Also on my afternoon agenda is to prep A-1.


  1. Oh my gosh Robin, I thought I had accomplished a lot this weekend! Wowie. Good for you.

  2. Your Grandmother's Flower Garden is beautiful. Lovely, lovely fabrics.
    I had fun yesterday. We should get together again and may sew some.

  3. I'm so jealous that you got to meet anina!

    and way to go sewing your own clothes. that is something I am just starting to do. it's fun because of the nearly instant results compared to quilting!

  4. Check you out girl! I need to spend a few days with to get my motivation up. I bet your tired of me saying this but I LOVE you start quilt blocks!!! The colors are just perfect. Have you started the setting blocks yet, did I miss that? I really cant wait to see it put together. There are some neat ones being made but yours is my fave! Looking forward to a fashion show of your new clothes as well:) Have a great weekend hun. Love Stacy