Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jane Stickle Quilt: E-4

Jane Stickle block E-4Block number/name: E-4 “Buffalo Tree Hopper”

Date completed: July 17, 2009

Number of pieces: 15

Notes on block: After looking at the original and seeing how some others redrafted the block, I nearly went that direction too. But I had already cut all the pieces out. And I hate cutting. So out went that idea! Fortunately, I really like the look of this version of the block too. My fabric choice in this one was actually inspired by Jane’s—she used a viney striped print very much like this fabric.


  1. I saw that the picture was different from the draft as well, but then when you look at the whole quilt from the front of the book, the draft is actually correct. I think they croped the picture wrong. Yours looks great btw.

  2. Wow, 15 pieces. That's quite a few pieces for such a small block. Nice job.

  3. What a funny name for a block.