Monday, July 13, 2009

On the cutting table

I actually had a pretty productive weekend, managing to complete two quilt tops. (I'll share more about those later!) As a result, I felt free enough to start a couple of small projects. So far, I've only managed to get them cut out, but I think the sewing will go quickly.

apron fabrics all cut out and ready to go
The first is going to be an apron for my little boy. We've recently started baking and cooking together. It is much fun. But it is messy! I saw this pattern made up while I shop hopped a couple of weeks ago, and thought it would be perfect. And my boy LOVES ducks. He actually takes every opportunity to steal it out of my sewing room. So I think he'll like it.

fabric for pajama pants all cut out and ready to go
Also cut is Kwik Sew 3126-- just a simple pair of pajama pants. It has been pretty warm here recently, so we haven't been able to use his regular pajamas, and we don't really have anything lighter-weight. So the boy has been sleeping in a t-shirt and diaper. But every night, he still asks for his pajamas. My husband thought that maybe a pair of light-weight pajama pants would make the boy happy and help keep him cool. Brilliant! We picked out the fabrics on the shop hop, and then I found the pattern this weekend.

I'm excited to have a couple of quick-to-make projects all ready to go. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to sit down and put them together soon!


  1. The pajama pants fabric is so cute!

    I just got done making a apron for my little boy....he hates it. He starts to freak out when I put it on him. :(

  2. Fun! I love the ducky fabric.
    I used to make tons of pajama pants (and just regular little elastic waisted pants) for mine when he was little.

  3. So cute. He will love them I am sure. And great that you are letting him help in the kitchen. Both my boys love to cook now that they are adults. I think it because I let them be creative in the kitchen with me. Have fun.

  4. two quilt tops in one weekend? very impressive! :) my kids love their pajamas and love it even more that they were special made for them. :) I'm sure your son will too!

  5. The apron idea is great. My girls have been "helping" be bake recently too.