Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Snip. Sew. Send. Month 1

June is the first month of the virtual quilt bee I joined, Snip. Sew. Send. This month, Adrienne sent out a lovely batch of vintage sheets (some even hand-dyed):

Mmmm... pretty fabric. How awesome is that orange???

The instructions were to create a Hop, Skip, Jump-inspired block (a la the Denyse Schmidt Quilts Book) 6.5" by 12". This is how I went about it:

First, I drew a 6.5" by 12" rectangle on freezer paper, subdivided it into wonky sections and numbered them.

I cut it all apart.

I ironed the freezer paper pieces to the right side of the fabrics and cut them out with 1/4" seam allowances. (Since she said she wouldn't mind, I also couldn't resist adding a couple of fabrics to the mix she sent).

I used a pin to help hold the pieces together at the top corner (because freezer paper is slippery), and then stitched the seam. I worked left-to-right.

Here it is all stitched together.

And here is the completed block, trimmed and ready to go!

This first month was a lot of fun-- I'm really looking forward to the months ahead!


  1. Looks great! And you know I love the old linens. :-)

  2. I love the way you pieced this block. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to have to try this method. I'm glad you got my fabrics. Can't wait to see what you will create.

  3. Love it :) I just used this method for the July block, lol.

  4. Great block and a very interesting swap going on. It will be fun to see what you are sent.

  5. It is so beautiful in person! It came in the mail yesterday. Just like Zonnah I plan to use this method on July's block. Thank you so much for adding in some fabrics. The purple at the end matches up perfectly with the purple I dyed. =]