Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: M-10

Dear Jane block M-10Block number/name: M-10 “Simple Simon”

Date completed: April 4, 2008

Number of pieces: 9

Notes on block: Done! Quick and simple is good sometimes. And it even came out the right size—no trimming! (Well, I may take a smidge off the top edge.)

I’m struggling with color. I’m kind of working outside of my comfort zone. I’m not planning, rather, I’m just picking out whatever strikes my fancy at that moment for each block. I’m a worried that this may not be a good approach. On the other hand, I’m trying something different, and that’s good. After the shop hop last week, I have lots and lots of greens to choose from. This green came from a little remnant I bought for 15¢. I chose it mostly because it was the perfect width. But then I see some of the other blocks people have put together and I really think I should have chosen something with a little more pizzazz. But then, plenty of blocks will have pizzazz… so I need some to balance it out, right?

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