Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Baby Jane: TR-2

Dear Jane block TR-2Block number/name: TR-2 “Australian Pines”

Date completed: January 14, 2009

Number of pieces: 20

Notes on block: Yay! A triangle completed in a timely manner! Small victories.

Australian pine; photo by Forest & Kim Starr, US Geological Survey, HII couldn’t help but Google “Australian pine.” According to the National Park Service, it’s an invasive alien plant that is causing trouble in the southeastern United States. It has its very own “Least Wanted” poster. I think its mug shot, with the little birds resting in front of it, leans toward cute rather than menacing. They might need to work on that.


  1. That block has 20 pieces?!!! I went back and looked on your other posts to see some of your other blocks. They are all great but that is a lot of pieces. I have not ever made anything like that unless you want to count all the applique pieces I put on a block.
    I like the tree too bad it is a menace.

  2. Maybe it's not a menace in Australia?
    Cute block!