Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Challenge quilt: first block

The Boy is actually napping today(!), so I'm getting a little bit of time for myself. Woo hoo! I've tried to use my time well by reading a few blogs, eating lunch, and starting construction on my challenge quilt.

I managed to get all of my fabrics cut:

challenge quilt fabrics
And then I even got the first block sewn together. This did not go nearly as quickly as I would have liked. Some of these fabrics are really tricky to deal with, particularly the chenille (mainly because they aren't all cut exactly the same size) and the woven suede (which seemed so sweet and innocent on the bolt, but is actually crazy slinky). I was sure the micro-fleece and the minkee would be the trouble causers (and I even cut them bigger, just in case), but they've been fine thus far.

The block is a little wonky, but I think it will be okay once it's all put together. One block down, only eight to go!


  1. The colours really are sweet. It's going to be so pretty.

  2. Coming along. Do you use your walking foot to sew the pieces together?