Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday adventure

Project Linus blanket labelToday, E and I participated in a local Project Linus workshop. It was my first time, and it was a really nice afternoon. Each month, the local coordinator hosts a work party. Sometimes, the work days are kind of free days where one can work on one's own projects. Other times, the group works toward more specific goals, including sorting fabric and blanket donations, or (like today) making sure all donated blankets/quilts have labels.

There were probably about a dozen or so ladies who came and went over the course of the afternoon. It was a fun group to hang out with and we were pretty productive to boot!

some of the blankets I worked on
All of my efforts were focused on sewing labels onto blankets (including most of the pile pictured above... but that was just the first pile!). Some I was able to machine stitch (on the fleece and flannel blankets), but I also handstitched quite a few onto quilts and knitted/crocheted blankets.

Everyone worked quickly, and together we were able to get more than 200 blankets ready for donation!

Each of these bags has 15-20 blankets inside! When asked if there are ever too many blankets to find homes for, the coordinator responded that Seattle Children's Hospital alone sees more than 40,000 children each year. And there are many more hospitals and organizations that accept blanket donations. So, no, there are never too many blankets.

I didn't manage to contribute anything I made, nor did I bust any stash-- so I haven't met any of my New Year's goals at this point. But I think participating in events like this is definitely a good thing, and certainly in the spirit of my resolutions. My new goal is to have a quilt to donate at the March work party.


  1. What a great project for you to participate in.

  2. awesome project to participate in! what a great treat for those who get them!!! :)