Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: C-9

Dear Jane block C-9Block number/name: C-9 Jane’s Tears

Date completed: March 8, 2008

Number of pieces: 5 (or maybe 2)

Notes on block: I say "maybe 2” because I used reverse appliqué on this block. I started with two pieces of fabric layered together, and just cut through the first. But because there are four separate sections that I had to sew, I feel like I can still say 5. Anina suggested that reverse appliqué would work well in this block, particularly if one wanted to use a dark background, and light-colored tears, and so that’s why I gave it a shot. She was right! It did indeed work very well.

I almost want to re-name this block “Restful Day.” Keith took care of the boy in the morning and let me sleep in. I woke up just as the boy was going down for his nap. So there was quiet in the house, and I got to sit on the couch in my pjs and sew. I completed the block, and then later in the afternoon got to have a much anticipated (and long-awaited) date night with Keith. It was a restful and wonderful day.

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  1. This block looks great! Such a nice husband to help make your day so restful.