Friday, June 11, 2010

Jane Stickle Quilt: BR-9

Jane Stickle block BR-9Block number/name: BR-9 “Sue’s Garden”

Date completed: June 6, 2010

Number of pieces: 18

Notes on block: This block was pretty intimidating, but Anina’s approach worked like a charm. I just extended the tops of all of the “curved” section pieces by 1” to make sure I had enough room to appliqué the arches. And because they were all extended by exactly the same amount, I had no problems with matching while hand stitching the seams.

We seem to be falling into a routine of sorts in the evening lately. About three nights a week, Keith takes charge of the baby, holding him and giving him cuddles so I can stitch (or go to bunko, or quilt guild, or other). Then on the other evenings, I focus on the baby and Keith plays Monster Hunter (his video game of choice lately). Some evenings, we share the baby duties and watch some television together (like Glee!!! I so need to see the season finale again!). It feels like we’re balancing things pretty nicely right now.

Gratuitous picture of my baby boy:

baby boy, May 2010
Looking at him just makes me smile. :)


  1. Oh, good GRIEF!! I just want to snuggle with him!! What a precious little boy . . . yay for you for managing it all (and, I guess, a little "thank you" to Keith for helping ;-)).

  2. Who *wouldn't* smile at that cutie pie! So adorable!

  3. You are really lucky to have a partner in raising your children.

    Your block is great! Anina always makes things so easy.

    I can never get enough of seeing that handsome, beautiful boy.

  4. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours! I am done with my prep work and am starting to sew again!!!!

  5. Routine is good for the whole family. I just want to squeeze the new baby. And check out big brother in his stylin' jeans. Cute design.

  6. Hey Robin, thanks for signing my signature block. Love the little kitty.

  7. thanks so much for the sweet little birth announcement. I feel very special to have received one. He is a sweetie and I am happy to see you get to do some stitching.