Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gettin' my Pinwheel Party on!

Lately I'm finding that late afternoon is a good time to visit the quilt mines. That seems to be a time when the baby consistently naps, and when my older son is happy to play on his own for a bit. (I really need to find some better monikers for my sons... I don't want to use their actual names for privacy reasons, but I can't really go around calling my older son "The Boy" anymore, as there is another boy now. Hmmm...) Anyway, I've been using some of my afternoon quiet time to continue work on my Pinwheel Party quilt. I'm going to give it to my neighbor's soon-to-be-born baby girl. They are planning a "Meet the Baby" party in early August. With that as my goal for finishing, I'm feeling very motivated to get going on this project.

Block 9:

Pinwheel Party block 9
I just love that big block of orange in the center. Mmmm... orange.

Block 10:

Pinwheel Party block 10
Block 11:

Pinwheel Party block 11
This might be my favorite of the bunch. I love how the different colored pinwheels sort of join together in the center.

Block 12:

Pinwheel Party block 12

Woo hoo! All of the big blocks are complete! Now I'm focusing on getting all of the tiny sashing pinwheels put together. Hopefully, I'll have a top soon!


  1. I love how this is coming together! The colors are fabulous

  2. I love those fresh fabrics!

    I like that you don't give the kids their real names, I would do the same.

  3. Love your pinwheels! I am getting back into sewing. I hope after summer vacation to get back to DJ.
    Yesterday's purse project about drove me away from the machine.

  4. Fab colour scheme! I'm so impressed with how much you're getting done with two wee ones around.

  5. Love those colorful pinwheels! I think you should call them Boy1 and Boy2, or Thing1 and Thing2. ;-)

  6. Man I was really behind in my reader :(
    Block 11 is VERY cute. I can see a whole quilt made with this block.