Monday, June 28, 2010

Shop hop Saturday!

This last weekend was the annual Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop. I honestly didn't think I'd get to participate at all this year. But my husband, knowing how much I enjoy trekking about to shops, really encouraged me to do it... so much so, he even volunteered to come along and carry the baby!

So, papa, the boys, and I all got into the car and managed to visit four shops on Saturday. Not much compared to some people, but it was a fabulous little road trip for the four of us.

We started at Keepsake Cottage Fabrics to pick up our "passport", as it is closest to our house (and one of my favorite shops). Then we packed back into the car and drove to Anacortes, a little more than an hour away. First we stopped by Fabrics Plus where my older son (who shall henceforth be referred to as "Big Bear" or "BB") picked out a couple of buttons for himself, and where I found some super-soft Flurry in yellow to make a blanket for the baby (who shall henceforth be referred to as "Little Bear" or "LB").

We stopped for lunch at a local cafe and then headed down the street to The Quilt Shop. While we were there, I ran into my longtime friend Louise. We've known each other for about 14 years, and since moving back to Washington state (nearly 4 years ago), the only times I've seen her are when we bump into each other at quilt shops-- usually during shop hop (though we do keep tabs on each other via Facebook). It was so awesome to see her and do a little catching up.

Finally, we headed off to Arlington and the final shop of the day, The Quiltmaker's Shoppe. They were featuring a couple of gorgeous raffle quilts. One woman selling tickets was asking a couple of shop-hoppers if they were interested in purchasing any raffle tickets. BB heard from across the room and then, in a very loud voice, responded "Yes!" Fortunately, papa had some cash and was able to make good on our boy's affirmative. BB was thrilled to receive his very own ticket stub. How awesome would it be if he won!

We stopped at a little bakery across the street from the shop for some yummy treats and then headed home. It was about a 6 hour adventure, and were all tuckered out by the end.

Overall, I was pretty good (having to chase around a toddler prevents too much actual shopping):

Despite having only 24 blocks to go (and more than enough fabric), I can't seem to stop buying greens for my Stickle quilt.


  1. A family affair. A new adventure for all.

  2. So what are you going to do with all the green fabric when you are done with your quilt?
    I like the new nicknames for your sons, very cute :)
    That pattern is really cute as well.
    I was going to do the shop hop as well but decided that I needed to save money instead. Oh well, next year right?