Friday, October 23, 2009

Jane Stickle Quilt: G-4

Jane Stickle block G-4Block number/name: G-4 “Shutter Bug”

Date completed: October 23, 2009

Number of pieces: 29

Notes on block: Not my best work (to wit, the off-kilter center, the lopsided triangles, the wishy-washy points). Despite that though, I’m happy with it. And it’s another block checked off the list. Woo hoo!


  1. I can not tell that it is off. You are on a roll you just keep whipping these out :P

  2. Sometimes you just need to say it's good enough and move on. We're usually our worst critics. (I'm saying that to remind myself as much as agree with you! grin) Robin, I can't believe how fast you can get these done. It's looking great!

  3. Shutter bu is a great name for the block. I probably would not have even noticed that is was tiny bit crooked. You will never notice once it is with all the other blocks.