Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little bit of prep work

Last night I took some time to prep some more Jane blocks. I'm 10 blocks behind at this point, but I usually only like to prep about 3 at a time, lest I start losing pieces or getting confused about what's what. (That, and I really am not big on the prep part, so 3 is about my limit.)

Usually my prep routine involves:
  • Printing out templates from the Dear Jane software. (I love, love, love that software!!!);

  • Using the Print > Rotary Cutting feature in the software to check on sizes of pieces that I can rotary cut (instead of using a template), and then noting those sizes on the appropriate template piece (rather than printing the whole thing out);

  • Choosing fabrics (the fun part!!!);

  • Cutting fabrics, using a combination of ruler/rotary cutter as well as templates/rotary cutter;

  • Applique prep (if required for the block);

  • Cutting out the picture of the block from the template sheet (I also color in the diagram so I know what's what);

  • Piling my pieces together on top of the picture and storing them in my sewing box until I'm ready to piece!
I sometimes think about trying plastic baggies and the like for storage of prepped blocks, but I don't really need them. At least, not as long as I only prep 2 or 3 at a time.

Of course, the real goal is to stay caught up with That Quilt so then I only ever have one block needing to be prepped at any given time. I'll get there some day... :)


  1. I like that fabric you picked for "star struck". :)

  2. I can not wait to see those blocks! lol, I am 11 blocks behind so you beat me :)

  3. Hi Robin, it really comforts me when I read your last post, because I'm too nine blocks behind the group and I'm doing blocks D4 and F1. That RS6 triangle scares me a little... it looks so difficult!!!

  4. Hey that is pretty neat that there is software to print out for those blocks. That is a time saver.

  5. I really admire you for doing these by hand!