Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn House - Block 8

Last week I managed to complete block 8 of my Autumn House BOM. It is called, "A Perfect Home."

He's such a happy little squirrel!

Just prior to starting this block, I took a look at Carrie P.'s tutorial for bias stems, and saw that she recommended using the Clover 1/4" bias maker. It's funny, because I've had one for years, but had never used it. So I dug it out from the bottom of my closet and tried it. And it is AWESOME!!! I shall be using it in all of my future bias-making endeavors.

Eight blocks down, and only one block to go! Woo hoo!


  1. The block is so cute and no wonder the squirrel is happy. The bias stem maker is just the best tool, so easy to use.

  2. Very cute :) Wow, you are almost done!

  3. He is adorable!!

    I love my bias stem maker!!!!

  4. Too cute. Love the fabric you used for the tail.
    That bias make really is so easy and what a time saver. That way you can get to the applique part sooner.

  5. I need to come take some applique lessons from you.

  6. Excellent! I so look forward to seeing the finished quilt.