Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dear Baby Jane: F-13

Block number/name: F-13 “Tour de France”

Date completed: January 9, 2009

Number of pieces: 5

Notes on block: Instead of my usual appliqué style (needleturn with freezer paper on top), I decided to follow Anina’s example and try the freezer paper on bottom technique. I worked very carefully as I cut out my freezer paper templates so that all my edges would be as smooth as I could make them. And when I pressed, I took my time and really worked the edges so that they would also be as smooth as possible. Last night when I finally got to stitch, I could not believe how quick and easy it was to stitch everything down! And the circles are practically circular! Sometimes when I do needleturn, my piece starts in one spot and somehow seems to shift or contort (no matter how much I baste) so it’s a little off by the time I’m done; and I can’t really tell as it’s happening because the seam allowances and the freezer paper make it difficult to really see what’s going on. This was not an issue at all with this new style. Because the pieces were all prepped and the edges finished, there were no surprises in placement and everything started and ended where it was supposed to! So cool!

I am excited at how well this technique worked for me and very happy with how this block looks.

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  1. Your applique is great. A tip for you. When you have the freezer paper on the bottom,if you will trim the fabric that will be ironed on the paper so that it is less than 1/4" you will have better circles. I went to the other blog you mentioned and where she has the little pleats on her circles will be elimanated.