Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: J-4

Dear Jane block J-4Block number/name: J-4 “Adelaine’s Apron Strings”

Date completed: August 25, 2008

Number of pieces: 7

Notes on block: This is the simplest block we’ve done in quite some time. All the pieces seemed positively huge! And it came together very quickly. It took me about 30-40 minutes (about 1 ½ episodes of My Name is Earl) (I love tv on dvd!). In the original block, Jane Stickle used a stripe very effectively, and so I wanted to do something similar. I don’t have many stripes to choose from in my pile o’ green, but I think this one works pretty well. Maybe I need to go get some more stripey greens? Or maybe I just need an excuse to visit the quilt store?

The Boy has a summer cold. It’s not any fun at all. He’s snotty, coughing, and generally cranky. And his diaper rash is acting up again. Ouch! Thankfully, he’s taking a nap right now. Hopefully that will help refresh him some.


  1. Its a winner to be sure. Sorry about that summer cold thing. Poor kid.

  2. Beautiful block! We've been having the summer colds over here too ... it just zaps you by the end of day! Hope he gets feeling better soon!