Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mail fun!

Yesterday was an excellent mail day!

Mail item #1: Last week I used the last of a birthday gift certificate and ordered some stuff from Big Horn Quilts.

Bighornquilts mail
Included were a pack of machine quilting designs, a yard of a pretty Alexander Henry print, and a yard of beautiful Oriental dragons. The dragon fabric is going to be a fun fall shirt for the boy (or, at least, that’s the plan).

Mail item #2: I received my registration info for the Houston International Quilt Festival! Yes, it’s true! I’m going to Houston! My Austin friend sent me a mail at the beginning of July insisting that I join her and a couple friends in their Quilt Festival adventure. They’ve got hotel rooms already booked and everything. My wonderful husband pretty much insisted that I go. There’s definitely some mama-guilt, but I bought my tickets, they are non-refundable, and I’m going. Bonus: I even got into my first choice classes! I’ll be taking Advanced Machine Quilting from Linda M. Fiedler, and Hand Quilting for Beginners from Jan Svatek.

Mail item #3: A few weeks ago, I won a contest that Gayla held celebrating her 250th post on her blog, flibbertigibbet bunny. And as a final super mail surprise yesterday, I received my prize:

Fabulous bunny mail
In addition to some fun fabric, she included two handmade items. One was a darling pincushion she made from leftover Dear Jane blocks. The other was a fabulous knitted hat (how did she know I’ve been yearning for just such a hat?).

Fabulous bunny hat
Thank you so much, Gayla!


  1. Robin I'm super jealous. Good for you! What lovely things. I'll expect a full report when you get back from your trip with tips you have learned!

  2. I am glad you like your prize. And super glad the hat fit. There was a book in a separate envelope. I hope it does not take much longer than the fist half of your prize to get there.

  3. I love getting mail like that too ... and all at one time is fantastic!!! :) You look so cute in that hat.