Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another shirt

I completed another one in my cut-and-ready-to-be-sewn pile on the floor. It is a sleeveless top from Vogue pattern V2634 (View E).

This is actually the second time I've sewn this pattern. The first time I made it, back in 2005, I had some fit issues. The full-bust allowance (FBA) I added wasn't quite full enough (had to be held closed with strategically placed safety pins). The side slits were slit way too high on me. And, worst of all, it looked like a tent. I'm not proud, but I'm modeling it here so that I can show off how improved it is in the new version.

V2634, Version 1
The pink arrow indicates the tent-like way it hangs from my ample bosom. The green arrow is pointing to the gaposis in front (if you look close, you can see that the front is lifting up a lot... thank goodness for safety pins!).

Despite the issues, I actually like this shirt and even wear it on occasion. I figured that with a few adjustments, it could become a summer favorite. So, I tried it again.

V2634, version 2

Though it still isn't perfect, I am much happier with the result this time around. And here's a picture for comparison to the previous version:

V2634, version 2, side view
It is so much less tent-like.

You can read more details on construction and the adjustments I made in my review at

Now if it would only warm up again outside so that I can wear it!


  1. I love the new one. The fabric is lovely too.

  2. You made some great adjustments. I admire your talent. I would love to make my own clothing.

  3. You really have been making lots of stuff! Isn't it so intimidating though?!?? At least with a quilt you can "hide" mistakes ... how could I hide that on a pair of striped pants? LOL.