Monday, September 1, 2008

Mother lode!

My garage-saleing friend came upon an amazing find. And thanks to her perseverance and patience with a slightly batty garage sale proprietress, a hugemongous amount (about 300 yards) of high quality quilting cotton was procured at a freakin' amazing price! My friend is a serious mistress of negotiation.

Here's part:
mother lode 1
And the rest:
mother lode 2

And, much to my joy, she was even willing to share. Here's my half:

my half
There is probably about 150 yards or so in those containers. Most are smaller pieces—1/2 yards and fat quarters. There are a few larger pieces as big as 3 or 4 yards. Wow. And I'm telling you, the price was incredible. Less than $1/yard. There are, of course, a few in there that aren't really me. But for the most part there is a ton of beautiful, imminently usable fabric goodness.

No. I did not need this fabric. But I am happy to have it, and I really look forward to using it. Projects are dancing in my head. What I need to do now is quilt faster.

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