Monday, September 22, 2008

Computery goodness!

Yay! My computer is fixed. Or rather, it has been replaced with a spiffy new one that actually turns on and off and works and everything. Huzzah! Last night I busily began installing the essentials, including the Dear Jane software, Electric Quilt 6, my super nifty scrapbooking software, and Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. Best of all, I'm feeling ready to blog again.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything particularly awesome to share at the moment. But I can show some progress photos:

Grandma's Country Album II Cactus Flower
I've completed another block in Grandma's Country Album II. This one is called "Cactus Flower." After all these appliqued leaves lately, I'm definitely getting better at pointy points.

Guild block exchange block 1
This pretty block in pink and chocolate reproduction prints is my first completed block for my guild block exchange. For this one, all of the fabric was included in the box. But there were lots of different options, and it was fun getting to pick out which ones to use. Based on the fabrics in there, this is definitely going to be a stunning quilt.

quilting progress on the Star Quilt Along Quilt
Quilting on my Star Quilt Along quilt is progressing nicely. I've never done so much stippling before! I'm on my third spool of thread now (I've only got one spool left... I think/hope it will be enough). It's taking awhile, but I'm pleased with how it is looking so far and the end is definitely in sight.

Also in progress are a couple of Dear Jane blocks (finally!) prepped and ready to sew. I've also finally completed all 126 blocks in my hexagon quilt and have just started putting together the "path" and connecting blocks (I have a whopping two blocks connected together thus far).

Tomorrow work begins on our backyard. We're getting it professionally landscaped. I'm really excited! It's is a tiny, tiny area (as is often the case in these newly constructed homes) so it will likely take only a couple of days. But it will definitely be a transformation.

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  1. The quilt looks amazing like that ... I love the stipling! :)