Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: B-2

Dear Baby Jane block B-2Block number/name: B-2 “Sweet Tater Pie”

Date completed: April 16, 2008

Number of pieces: 16

Notes on block: This block was challenging. Anina pointed out that it was just two pinwheels and a circle. Her method of constructing it was really good too. But it didn’t seem right for handpiecing. I finally went ahead and printed freezer paper templates from the Dear Jane software and proceeded with those. But not before heading to Keepsake Cottage Fabrics and picking up thread and some new needles to try (size 12 appliqué and size 12 betweens). I pieced each “wedge” then put them all together, keeping the seam allowances open as Jinny Beyer instructs in her book, Quiltmaking by Hand. As I worked I was worried, but it came together really well in the end. Yay!

As for the needles: I found that I like the sturdiness of the betweens needle, though I prefer the length of the appliqué. I ended up using primarily the appliqué needle.

Once again though, I am a slacker... quilting instead of working. Bad, Robin!

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