Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: C-3 version 2.0

As I was trying to square up this block (the first version, that is), I noticed the quote on my Dear Jane 5” square ruler:

Dear Jane wisdom
So very wise. Yet do I heed those words? I really tried to convince myself that I was going to keep it. True, the block was finished, and that was good. But I wasn’t happy with it. First I attempted to fix the block—and it was better, but I was still unhappy. I had forgotten that I had a copy of Jinny Beyer’s Quiltmaking by Hand. I found it today and read through her sections on hand piecing. After doing so, I felt confident that I could do better if I just went ahead and started from scratch. I couldn’t help myself—I did a do-over. And it is a better block.

Dear Jane block C-3 version 1.0Dear Jane block C-3 version 2.0


  1. Yeah you are more of a perfect is better than finished

  2. I think there will be many blocks in the future where totally redoing may be way too daunting. At this point, I say go for it. Your old one looked fine but the new one is great! Nice job hun.

  3. You are hard-core. But the block looks great, and I agree with Stacy A. that the toughest ones are yet to come.

  4. Thanks for your friendly comments!

    Indeed-- some of the future blocks are of the sort that by the time one's done, finished will definitely be way more important than perfect!

  5. The new block looks great. Finished is better than perfect but sometimes you learn along the way and want to make the block better.

    I couldn't reply to your comment on my blog by email --no email address-- so here it is:

    I used Simplicity 3947 for some PJ bottoms for myself. I was going to use the same pattern for my husband's pair (it's unisex) but it doesn't have a fly. So I'm going to look for something else. It will be worth the investment in a good pattern because he goes through PJ bottoms quickly...I really don't understand how!