Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Progress

Despite being sick (nasty cold, caught from the boy) (am I doomed to catch everything he gets???), I managed to have a rather productive quilty weekend. Yay!

Firstly, I got caught up on my Dear Baby Jane blocks, fixing K-7 and completing C-3. On the downside, I keep thinking about C-3 and its wonkiness. At first, I was determined to keep it as is, trying to convince myself that it had character (rather than just plain wonkiness). But I keep obsessing thinking about it. I think this means that I will need to revisit it. Probably not re-do it (because I'm too lazy for that!), but maybe try and fix it so it isn't quite as off kilter in that one particularly bad row.

Then, I got my homework done for the Reversible Embroidered Quilt. (Hmm... I really do need to think of a better name for it.) It is now complete but for binding (which I'll be learning how to do in class on Wednesday) and label. I've attempted to show the quilt's reversible nature by showing the front and back in this picture:

Reversible Embroidered Quilt, sans binding
Finally, I got Fairy Flight basted and quilted. Huzzah! All that's left now is the binding (which I've begun) and the label (which I'm thinking I'll wait until baby is born and named before making). Hopefully, I'll finish the binding this week so I can share some pictures.

Tonight is more freelance work. But I'm hoping to at least start on the latest Dear Baby Jane block, B-2. Though Anina has provided some excellent guidance on this one, I'm still feeling intimidated at the prospect of handpiecing it. In fact, at the moment I'm trying hard to remember why it is I decided to handpiece this quilt. :)

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  1. Robin, oh your reversible quilt is gorgeous! From the beginning, and even more now since I can see the flowers, it has reminded me of a Japanese water garden. Or something like that, very tranquil. So maybe Tranquility or something peaceful like that would be a good name.
    Is it the top row that bothers you in C-3? To me it looks like only the top left corner is a little wonky. I think you could just redo that and it would be perfect.
    I cant wait to see that quilt finished. It really is beautiful. Love Stacy