Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: TR-5

Dear Jane block TR-5Block number/name: TR-5 “Michigan Dunes”

Date completed: December 17, 2008

Number of pieces: 21

Notes on block: What is it about the triangles? Lately, I’ve been having motivation problems whenever I’m working on them. I start and then just kind of let it lie for awhile. With the square blocks, I’m always compelled to finish them as soon as I start stitching. In any case, it is finished now. I’m really hoping I can get caught back up this weekend.

There has been some distressing news from Anina about the Dear Baby Jane blog. Apparently, Brenda Papadakis has contacted her, requesting a discussion about the blog name. As a result, Anina is feeling as if maybe she should delete the blog altogether. Eeep! This would be so sad, as Anina has truly been my inspiration in making this journey. She has put so much time and effort and care in building this amazing quilting resource. Her guidance has been invaluable not only to me, but to numerous other quilters.

At first, I was incensed to read about the email. I could just feel Anina’s frustration and hurt. Then I started talking about the issue with my husband, and reading through the comments left on that post. Trademark/copyright are tricky issues. My husband (who is in the software industry, and who has strong feelings on the subject himself) put it in an “imagine if…” situation for me, and I feel like I can better understand where Ms. Papadakis is coming from. Hopefully, with some discussion and maybe a name change to the blog, all will be well again.

Ooo! I just checked the Dear Baby Jane blog, and it looks like there is positive news. I’m crossing my fingers.

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