Friday, March 14, 2008

Dear Baby Jane: A-7

Dear Jane block A-7Block number/name: A-7 “Dad’s Plaids”

Date completed: March 14, 2008

Number of pieces: 8

Notes on block: I don’t know what it was about this block. Technically, it didn’t seem like it would be too bad—straight seams, no weird shapes... but yet, I had a very difficult time with it. Not so much with the sewing (though I really need to learn how to do better appliqué points), but with the prepping. Anina’s block turned out so beautifully, and I really loved the way she utilized her directional print (just as Jane Stickle did in her original block). I wanted to replicate that. And it felt as if it took forever! I think I spent close to an hour prepping this block. Which, as I’m writing now, doesn’t seem like that long, but yesterday—when I was feeling overwhelmed and when I was actually doing it—felt like a very long time indeed.

Last night was Bunko. It was my first hosting gig. So nervous! But, after lots of over-preparation and a couple glasses of wine, it was a lot of fun. Once everyone left, I was able to start work on my block. I think it was about midnight when I started basting. (Another first—I’d never basted before, but after seeing how it worked in Anina’s example, I gave it a try. It worked really well). I had to stop right around 2 because I couldn’t see past all my yawning. At that point, I was three leaves down, one to go (plus a few straight seams). I was able to complete it pretty quickly tonight after Logan went to bed. I think it turned out pretty well.

I’m feeling really proud about my seaming, because it ended up at 5” square and I didn’t do any marking. All of those hexes I’ve been piecing have really given me some great practice! But I definitely need to research how to deal with appliquéing outward points… they just aren’t as, well, pointy as I’d like them to be.


  1. I haven't played bunco in years. Sounds like yours was so fun. Your Baby Jane blocks are beautiful.

  2. I had the exact same trouble with this block. I should say "having", since after the hour of prep last night I decided to leave the rest for today. Anina makes it all look so easy. The basting does work well doesn't it. I just hope I have the points lined up right.
    From the picture, your points look great. By the end I'm sure we will all be able to make perfect points with our eyes closed. Ha. At least you now have your weekend free for your other projects. Good luck, Stacy

  3. Thanks! I love all the greens in your blocks.