Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Learning is fun!

Yay! I'm signed up for a class! Can you tell I'm excited? This will be not only the first class I've taken since the boy came along, but the first since we moved back to the Northwest (September 2006).

I really enjoy taking classes. In the past, I just liked having a reason to get out and be social. I've always been kind of a hermit homebody, and having a purpose really helps get me motivated and out of the house. Since the boy came along, I've really been that way. Sure, we go out to our various activities and mom's groups, which is great. But those groups are more for him, and not me. Though I get some social interaction, it's always tempered with the constant supervision and (especially lately) chasing down of the boy. So really, it's kind of pseudo-interaction as it is nigh impossible to have any kind of sustained conversation.

Anyway, not only will this get me out of the house, but I'll also get some much-desired social interaction with like-minded crafty people. Woot! As a bonus, the class I'm taking is on a technique I've not used before, so I'll no doubt learn some stuff too! That's the other reason I love taking classes—the learning aspect. Even in classes where I'm not necessarily learning new techniques, I always pick something up; it might be a tip, a hint, an experience with a new tool, or even something completely out of left field. But there's always something.

First class is tonight!

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